17 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women

The pay gap between men and women exists in every state and industry. In 2015, full-time female workers were typically paid 20 percent less than male workers, according to the American Association of University Women. Though the gap is slowly closing, AAUW projects that it won't disappear entirely until 2152.

But hope isn't lost for today's female workers . Check out this list to discover some of the highest paying jobs out there for women.

Producing and directing are two of the top-paying arts and entertainment jobs for women. These people working behind the camera for film, television and theater handle an array of duties, ranging from budgeting and fundraising to recruiting talent and editing.

Directors make the creative decisions that ensure a project's vision is realized. Doing this means working with the cast, costume designers, cinematographers and others on and off the set.

Producers and directors generally hold bachelor's degrees in art-related disciplines, such as film history, screenwriting, journalism or arts management. Additionally, they often have several years of experience in a related field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These jobs commonly require a willingness to travel, work irregular hours and alter your schedule for the project.

Success is one of the primary requirements for advancement in this industry. As your reputation improves, so too will the quality of job prospects. Full article >>